Pollution control with product recovery

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Thermax solutions help Meerut-based Daurala Organics to check pollution and in the process, achieve better resource productivity. The pharma intermediate manufacturing company faced the problem of treating waste water containing high levels of phenol, a toxic chemical commonly used by chemical units. Thermax made use of the versatile polymeric adsorbent resin, developed by Chemical R&D for Daurala to treat the waste and recover phenol for reuse in its processes. The project also helps Daurala to gain better process economy while developing its products.

At Hindustan Zinc’s lead making unit in Chittorgarh, sulphur dioxide (SO2) from the gas treatment plant, is removed with the help of proprietary amines, a chemical. As the SO2 removal gets under way, impurities degrade the Amine solvent and this leads to operational problems. With Thermax’s ion exchange process equipment, Hindustan Zinc is regenerating the Amine solution. Every day 42,000 litres of the impure amine solvent is regenerated for reuse, helping Hindustan Zinc to check its amine losses and ensure cost effective operations.

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