Retrofit your old boiler

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Thermax has conducted condition assessment studies and efficiency upgrades on over 200 utility, captive power and cogeneration boilers in India and South East Asia. The services are now extended to the Middle East and East Europe. Typically, a 20-year old boiler can work efficiently for another 20 years after engineering studies and reconditioning.

Thermax’s service specialists retrofitted three 55 years old boilers at a Rumanian soda ash plant with hi-efficiency, low emission burners. After the retrofit, the efficiency of the boilers has improved from 70 % to 84 %, with a daily saving of 48, 600 standard cubic metres of natural gas.

Retrofit services also cater to new boilers that need to shift to more economical fuels. Thermax retrofitted Jindal Steel and Power’s boilers to use blast furnace gas as fuel and generate an additional 11 MW of electricity. At Nestle’s plant in Philippines, Thermax redesigned a boiler to use a biomass fuel combination – bagasse, high moisture saw dust and coconut shells. Besides reducing the use of expensive oil, the move has also freed Nestle from the dependence on any single fuel source.

In today’s intensely competitive environment Thermax’s life extension services offer industry sure-fire, low-cost solutions with big operational benefits.

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