Thermax steam rental business

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Thermax has introduced a new energy rental service. Through this service, instead of investing in a boiler for its steam requirements, industry can buy steam from Thermax at per unit cost. The scheme saves industries the hassles of owning, running and maintaining boilers and other utility equipment – a turnkey solution with no capital investment.

A textile plant of a Sri Lankan – Chinese joint venture is already trying out this concept with Thermax at its Vizag unit. Thermax will ensure uninterrupted supply of steam by installing three 5 ton per hour boilers. The boilers are designed to burn rice husk as fuel, but can also use imported coal in case there’s a shortage of husk. Thermax would also take care of systems for water treatment and boiler emissions; and through tie ups with vendors, ensure steady fuel availability.

Industries opting for energy rental scheme will be insulated from volatile fuel market, not having to worry about shifting to inexpensive fuels. An advantage, especially for units operating in international markets, which need to reduce production costs. Thermax will also take care of statutory issues like IBR clearance for boilers.

For a typical energy rental scheme, the customer signs a contract with Thermax for a specified period. When the contract expires the client can extend the contract, buy the assets at a depreciated value or return them to Thermax.

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