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Solar PV Power Generation

Thermax offers off-grid/rooftop and grid connected solar photovoltaic solutions by merging the company’s exceptional engineering and integration capabilities along with its alliance for technology with globally reputed original equipment manufacturers.

Thermax leverages its industry knowledge and superlative technology tie-ups to provide complete turnkey photovoltaic solutions as per your requirements. As a leading technology company with extensive experience working with diverse sectors, Thermax has emerged as a trusted partner in the solar solutions domain.

In keeping with its corporate philosophy of ‘Conserving Energy and Preserving the Environment’, Thermax has recently installed and commissioned a 100kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rooftop system at its office building located in Pune as a showcase installation. The unique design of the plant is such that it deploys monocrystalline and polycrystalline technologies along with rooftop dual axis tracking. The system has been so designed to test and demonstrate the performance of different PV module technologies. Another unique feature of the project is that the system performance is being monitored by a Remote Performance Monitoring System (RPMS). The entire process of erection and commissioning of the plant was completed by the Thermax solar team in a small span of 8 weeks. The entire system was erected with near to nil civil work on the rooftop and requires very little maintenance. The system has been able to achieve significant savings for the company by partially replacing the grid power used to supply the electricity needs of the building. The installation serves as a model for industries looking to minimize their fossil fuel consumption as well as to reduce their overall carbon footprint in the endeavor to build a green corporate brand image.

Apart from this, Thermax Solar Business has an installation base of approximately 250 kWp at various stages of implementation across the country.

Thermax PV Advantage
  • Range of photovoltaic technology options
  • High reliability and quality modules
  • 100% inspection for mechanical and visual defects
  • Superior engineering and design skills
  • Customized plant design for specific applications
  • Best in-class integration capabilities
  • Continued monitoring of electrical performance
  • Robust performance under a diverse set of climatic conditions
  • Stabilized power delivery
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate
  • Life of system—25 years
  • Industry 1
  • Industry 2
  • Industry 3
  • Industry 4
  • Industry 5
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