Thermax offers various financial models to support customers for the installation of solar PV systems. Our models are designed in a way that allows customers to choose and deploy their capital in a manner that is optimal for them.

We deliver green electricity at a price chosen by you.
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Capex - own your solar plant

The solar PV system will be funded and owned by the customer. Our experts will design with optimal plant configuration and install on a turnkey basis. Post commissioning, our expert team will run the plant efficiently under an operation and maintenance agreement.

  • Accelerated depreciation benefit
  • Payback period less than 3.5* years
  • Enjoy free power for 25 years or more

Over 60 MW contracted on EPC basis

Over 125 installations spread over 75 cities


Installations across India and South East Asia

50,000+ tons of CO2 emissions reduced per year

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