Process Cooling

Reduced carbon footprint

Reliable, eco-friendly technology and high returns

Savings in operating cost

Thermax pioneers solar based cooling solutions by integrating Vapor Absorption Machines with Thermax Solar Concentrators. The concentrators generate hot water by harnessing solar thermal energy. The hot water is supplied to a Vapor Absorption Machine (VAM). The VAM supplies chilled water which is circulated through cooling coils in the Air Handling Units (AHUs), over which air flows. The air thus cooled can be used for air-conditioning applications through solar cooling system hybridized with conventional cooling system. Balance cooling load, if any, can be met with the conventional cooling system, should solar generated cooling be insufficient. The in-built control logic allows the operation of the conventional cooling system only when there is a shortfall in the solar thermal energy. This integrated system offers the advantage of optimizing the use of electricity and maximizing the use of clean, renewable, solar thermal energy, while meeting the cooling load. Solar process cooling finds applications in industrial sectors such as auto, drugs & pharmaceuticals, dairies, food processing, textiles, etc. for specific applications.