Distributed Power Generation

Reduced carbon footprint

Reliable, eco-friendly technology and high returns

Savings in operating cost

Solar energy can also be successfully deployed for rural decentralized power generation applications where grid penetration is likely to remain distant in the near future. Thermax, along with Department of Science & Technology and inhabitants of Shive village, has commissioned a technology demonstration project near Pune. This solar thermal power generation project proves the concept of a Solar Biomass Hybrid Distributed Power Generation Plant capable of being operated in rural conditions. This plant has been designed for delivering 24x7 256 kW of net electrical output. The cutting-edge parabolic trough technology has been developed by Thermax in-house, through focused R&D and leveraging its manufacturing capabilities simultaneously collaborating with national technology and scientific institutions. Thus the solar technology platform is completely indigenized and successfully proven in this project. In future, this 256kW modular design can be replicated for various sub MW as well as limited size MW range off-grid and grid connected power projects. The configuration is the first of its kind in India in terms of integration and innovation, success of which has created a sustainable and novel solution to rural energy security needs. Besides electricity, this approach can also provide cold storage and heating/cooling applications using vapor absorption technology which Thermax has already pioneered in India.