Dish Cooker - SolPac™ C50

Reduced carbon footprint

Reliable, eco-friendly technology and high returns

Savings in operating cost



Thermax has developed SolPac™ C50, the parabolic solar dish cooking system, to create an inexpensive and environment-friendly solution using the sun's heat energy to cater to community cooking needs. This system comprises of the solar parabolic dish concentrator, suitably coated cooking vessel, mounted platform to place the vessel, manual tracking system, etc. The aluminum reflectors on the solar concentrator focus the solar energy onto the bottom of the coated cooking vessel which is placed on the vessel mounting platform. The food in the vessel is boiled due to direct heating by the reflected rays of sun onto the bottom of the vessel. For fast cooking, it is important to ensure that the focus is always at the center i.e. on the bottom of the vessel. The solar concentrators need to be manually tracked according to the motion of the sun so that the focus is fixed at a point on the cooking vessel. Various items like rice, lentils (dal), vegetables, khichdi, meat, etc. can be cooked.