• “M/S Thermax India Limited has supplied, erected and commissioned solar thermal concentrators at our property. The concentrators are working satisfactorily as on date”
    – Mr. N. Ramamoorthy, Chief Engineer, ITC Maurya
  • “The installation for solar steam cooking system has been done by M/s Thermax (India) Limited as per standard engineering practices. The testing of the boiler and parts of the system was done as per standard procedures. We appreciate the works done by M/s Thermax Limited, Pune within the short period. The performance of the system has been observed as good and fulfilling the conditions.”
    – Project Director, LREDA-LAHDC
  • “We have installed solar concentrators of 16m2 area each, supplied by Thermax Limited, Pune for Process Cooling Application. Performance of the Solar Process Cooling system is satisfactory.”
    – Mr. Umesh Joshi, General Manager (Sustainability, Power, Energy & Facility Management) Mahindra & Mahindra
  • “We have installed solar dishes supplied by M/s Thermax India Limited, Pune for steam generation to be utilized for boiling of food. We are happy to say that the system is performing satisfactorily leading to considerable savings of LPG consumption of the hostel. The services of the Solar division of M/s Thermax India Limited have been prompt and they have proved to be a dedicated team. The system supplied by them meets our requirements.”
    – Dr. K.N.K.S.K. Chockalingam, Director, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.