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  • Online standby canned motor pumps: For critical applications where scheduled maintenance of   pumps cannot be carried out, stand-by absorbent, refrigerant and/or vacuum pump can be provided.
  • Multi-sectional shipment: For convenience of shipping, the absorption chillers can be shipped   in two or more sections depending upon the site requirement. This is particularly convenient    arrangement for retrofit / replacement jobs.
  • Customized Electrical and Instrumentation: Having in house capability to address critical applications such as:
    • Hazardous area design for gas group class 1, division 2, IIA/IIB, IIC as per IEC and NEC Standards
    •   Redundant PLC systems, with redundancy at all levels, of various makes for fail safe operations 
    • Centralised Load management systems for multiple machines operating in tandem 
    • SCADA connectivity for remote monitoring and control of machines.
  • Special Metallurgy for Handling Process Fluids: The metallurgy of tubes, water boxes, tube plates, shells, etc can be altered to handle corrosive fluids as heat source from textiles, chemical     and process industries, food grade chilled water for food and beverages industries, sea water as    heat rejection media, and corrosive environments found in chemical and fertiliser industries.
  • Remote Performance Monitoring System (RPMS): Advanced feature that monitors the chiller performance & provides data via internet. This feature enables the facility manager or Thermax    engineer to monitor the performance remotely. It offers features like e-log book, status, trends,    abnormal maintenance schedules, alerts etc.
  • High efficiency solutions for Low steam Pressure: Double effect lithium bromide absorption chillers can be offered for steam pressures as low as 3.0 kg/cm²(g), where conventionally single    effect chillers are used.