Thermax Ltd wins CII award for its ultra low pressure vapour driven chiller

Thermax Ltd wins CII award for its ultra low pressure vapour driven chiller
Thermax Ltd has won the 'Most Innovative Energy Saving Product' Award for its Ultra Low Pressure Vapour Driven Chiller at the 17th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in Hyderabad, India that concluded on August 24, 2016.

The annual event, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), aimed to encourage, support and recognize the efforts of the industry for their significant and innovative contributions to energy efficiency. Over 150 energy efficient companies across various sectors converged at the Energy Efficiency Summit to share their strategies and best practices on energy management.

The Innovative Energy Saving Product competition was open to all industries offering energy saving products. Thermax's Ultra Low Pressure Vapour Driven Chiller works on the principle of providing the customers profit from waste heat. The chiller runs on very low pressure water vapour (close to atmospheric pressure of 1.01325 bar) . It can also recover the water which otherwise emitted into the atmosphere as vapour along with non-condensable gases (like air, nitrogen etc)

Through this green technology, Thermax encourages the customer to make energy-saving cooling choices and shortens the payback time. The chiller also helps in reducing the customers carbon emissions per annum and helps them achieve water savings.

This technology can be used in food processing industries like Potato chips frying; Noodles etc. where lot of water vapour at atmospheric pressure is emitted through the chimney. This can also be used in Chemicals and Petrochemical industries where the emitted low pressure water vapour along with some non-condensable gases can be recovered through cooling tower water.

Winning this prestigious award is indeed a proud moment for Thermax Ltd which has always adopted the best practices when it comes to energy conservation and strongly facilitates the energy conservation movement in the country.

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