50 - 2500 TR

cooling capacity

Waste heat recovery from

exhaust of gas engine, diesel engine, gas turbine

10 – 25 bar

steam pressure

Thermax exhaust fired absorption machines directly utilise waste heat from the Gas/diesel engine or turbine exhaust gases, micro turbine or fuel cell which helps in making air-conditioning almost free of cost. It also reduces the initial capital cost of the system, by downsizing the engine size; as additional power units required for electrical chillers is eliminated.
Exhaust Fired Chillers (2D Series), exhaust fired absorption machines, absorption machines using waste heat from the Gas/diesel engine or turbine exhaust gases


Heat recovery from multiple engines can also be done by single machine having separate dedicated tube banks to a particular engine thereby avoiding mixing of flue gases and back pressure.

Operating Range

  • Capacities: From 50 to 2500 USRT (175 to 8800kW)
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 1ºC (34ºF) and -2ºC (28.5ºF) for brine
  • Exhaust gas temperature: From 275 to 600ºC (525 to 1110ºF)
  • COP: 1.4 - 1.45
These machines have been installed in shopping malls, multiplexes and commercial establishments and are finding favour in industrial segments, where a number of customers are opting for self-power generation.