Thermax Modular Gas Coolers

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The Thermax Modular Gas Cooler can be designed for gases coming from a variety of applications such as Clinker cooler exhaust gas, fumes from furnaces, fumes from Kilns etc.
Thermax Modular Gas Coolers, Cooling Hot Gases before entering Filter, Cooling Clinker exhaust gas, Cooling fumes from furnaces and Kilns
The Thermax Modular Gas Cooler improves plant operations and reduces costs by reducing gas volume & dust load entering the air pollution control equipment. It also increases the life of filter bags & reduces filter maintenance

The Thermax Modular Gas Coolers incorporate Thermax's unique experience in design & operation of boilers, heaters & other heat transfer equipments. Some of the special features incorporated in the Thermax Modular Gas Cooler to increase efficiency, reduce wear & minimize maintenance include:

To address fouling due to sticky dust

  • Use of large Diameter tubes to avoid solid build up inside the tube
  • Use of optimum gas velocity inside the tubes to prevent dust setting down
  • Use of straight tubes without any bends to avoid chocking

To resist erosion from abrasive dust

  • Use of special replaceable tube inserts to prevent erosion due to gas turbulence at tube inlet
  • Optimum flue gas velocity to minimize erosion based on Thermax's experience in handling abrasive dust like Husk dust which contains more than 90% silica

To minimize leakages of air/gas

  • Use of Thermax's proprietary sealing system at free end to securely seal Tube to Tube Sheet joint

Divided into several smaller cells

  • The TMGC's modular design allows us to configure the total Heat Transfer area into smaller cells. Each cell is served by an independent fan. Thus loss of a single cell has very little impact on the Heat Exchanger performance.

Even Gas & Air Distribution

  • The inlet/outlet plenums & cooling fan hoods are designed with aerodynamic considerations & based on CFD analysis to ensure even distribution of gas & air across tubes. This ensures higher efficiency & lower draft losses
  • The TMGC uses conservative gas mass flow rates both on gas and air side to achieve high heat transfer coefficients while keeping draft losses low