Industrial Water Treatment Resins

World class facilities

Automated and instrumentation controls


ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004


US, Europe, South East Asia and SAARC

Water treatment is traditional and one of the largest application fields of ion exchange resins. Constantly growing demands on water quality require increasing sophistication of both the ion exchange resins and the related application technologies.

Thermax's offers Tulsion brand Ion exchange resins for Industrial water treatment for applications including Softening, Demineralisation, Dealkalization, Mixed Bed & Condensate Polishing

Tulsion ion exchange resin segment is made up of various units that specialize in the production of a broad spectrum of ion exchange resins for many different industries.

Tulsion® - Industrial Water Treatment Resins

Water treatment is principle application of ion exchange resins. According to requirement of water quality for various industries, several water treatment processes based on ion exchange resins are developed. Over 35 years, Tulsion® ion exchange resins are used for water treatment across the globe.


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