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Tulsion® Speciality Ion Exchange Resins for Brine Decalcification/Brine Purification/Brine Purification in Chlor-alkali Industry

Brine used in the Chlor-alkali industry is electrolysed using membrane technology. Chlor-alkali processes, based on membranes have stringent (ppb) limits on acceptable levels of alkaline earth metals in brine.

In order to keep effective membrane operations, inlet brine parameters like hardness need to be maintained at ppb level. Tulsion® speciality chelating resins are used to achieve this highly critical technical requirement.

Tulsion® chelating resins are typically deployed after filtration step to control impurities at desired level, which becomes inlet to membrane in electrolysis zone.

These resins deliver the desired quality of brine inlet to membrane. These resins are developed through vigorous studies conducted in caustic manufacturing plant.

This range of chelating resins have polystyrene matrix and are weak acid, macro porous cation exchange resins consisting of either:
  • Iminodiacetate functional group in sodium form
  • Aminomethyl phosphonic acid functional group in sodium form
These resins have optimum porosity and surface area that gives excellent operating capacities. Depending upon the affinity for various ions, these resins form chelates, resulting in removal of one cation in presence of other specialised design of these resins offers outstanding mechanical stability.


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