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Tulsion® Specialty Ion Exchange Resins for Caprolactam Purification

Caprolactam (CPL) is a very important organic chemical raw material, which is largely used in the production of polyamide-6 fibre/nylon-6 engineering plastics.

Thermax offers speciality Tulsion® strong base anion (SBA) and strong acid cation (SAC) exchange resins for caprolactam purification and removal of inorganic and amine impurities.

Tulsion® Resins can be used in the following typical configurations

  • Two streams of each SBA–SAC. Primary anion resin bed prior to cation removes organic impurities, reduces the pH of acidic lactam and reduces organic load on secondary anion.
  • SBA followed by a SAC resin.

Advantages of Tulsion® Speciality Resins for Caprolactam Purification

  • Excellent chemical stability and physical strength to withstand osmotic shocks
  • Specific particle size distribution for better kinetics and minimum pressure drop
  • High process compatibility
  • Operational ease in service and regeneration
  • Proven performance
Thermax Tulsion® Speciality Resins for Caprolactum purification are developed in close association with customers. They are approved by process consultants and are used globally.


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