Fluoride Removal from Smelter Wash Water

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Tulsion® Speciality Ion Exchange Resins for Fluoride Removal from Smelter Wash Water

Smelting process removes oxygen from alumina to produce pure aluminium. Smelting takes place in furnaces known as reduction cells. Smelting process of Alumina uses Cryolite, Calcium fluoride (CaF2), Aluminium fluoride (AlF3), etc.

The effluent generated during this process may contain around 20 ppm of fluoride. Since this level is highly undesirable for environment and human health, it is important to control fluoride limits.

Thermax offers speciality Tulsion® chelating resins for removal or reduction of fluoride to acceptable limits. Tulsion® resins are highly effective as compared to conventional chemical method. These resins have optimum porosity and surface area that gives excellent operating capacities.

Advantages of Tulsion® Speciality Resins for fluoride removal

  • Specifically designed for Fluoride removal
  • Extensively tested in wider spectrum of inlet conditions
  • High process compatibility
  • Ease of operations


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