Other Potential Application Areas

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ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004


US, Europe, South East Asia and SAARC

Tulsion® speciality ion exchange resins can also be used in the following application areas:

Separation of Amino Acids

Amino acids can be separated by varying pH with reference to isoelectric point using Tulsion® strong acid cation, Tulsion® weak acid cation and Tulsion® strong base anion exchange resins.

Separation of Enzymes, Polypeptides and Proteins

Tulsion® macroporous weak acid cation resins and Tulsion® macroporous strong base anion resins can be used for separation of enzymes, polypeptides and proteins.

Decolorisation of Fermentation Product

Colour from fermentation products can be removed effectively using Tulsion® macroporous strong base anion exchange resins and macroporous weak base anion exchange resins.

Streptomycin, Recovery and Purification

Streptomycin can be recovered and purified with Tulsion® speciality weak acid cation exchange resin and Tulsion® speciality adsorbents.

Neomycin and Gentamicin Recovery

Tulsion® speciality weak acid cation exchange resin is used to recover and purify Neomycin & Gentamicin from broth.

Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) Recovery

Cyanocobalamin can be recovered from its fermentation broth using a Tulsion® weak acid cation exchange resin.

Alkaloids Recovery from Natural Plant Extracts

Alkaloids can be recovered using Tulsion® cation exchange resins. For example, Scopolamine and Quinine recovery from natural plant extracts.

Purification of Organic Acids

Organic acids like citric, ascorbic, tartaric, fumaric, nicotinic, gibberellic, malic acids can be isolated and purified using Tulsion® speciality resins.

Gelatin Purification (de-ashing)/Lysine and Glycerine Purification

Tulsion® speciality resins are used widely for these purification processes and are proven globally

Ultra Pure Water (UPW)/Ultrapure Water for Semiconductor, Electronic and Pharma Industry

Tulsion® speciality mixed-bed (MB) resins for ultra pure water production.


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