Monoethylene Glycol Cycle Water Purification

World class facilities

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ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004


US, Europe, South East Asia and SAARC

Tulsion® Speciality Ion Exchange resins for Monoethylene Glycol Cycle Water Purification.

Mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) is a commercially important intermediate for fibre manufacturing. It is a major raw material for polyester fibre, filament and yarn manufacturing.

Ethylene Glycol is manufactured by hydrolysis of ethylene oxide. The water used in excess proportion, during the manufacture process, is separated from MEG, and recycled for hydrolysis. The quality of this water (MEG Cycle water) used for hydrolysis is extremely critical. It contains impurities like mineral salts and free weak organic acids such as formic acid, acetic acids and needs to be purified before reaction. Presence of organic acids could be highly detrimental to the quality of ethylene glycol, as they are potential ultra-violet (UV) light absorbers. Thermax resins are globally used for MEG Cycle water treatment.

Tulsion® Speciality Resins for MEG Cycle Water Treatment

  • Weak base anion resin
  • Combination of weak base anion resin & strong base anion
  • Strong acid cation resin to remove cationic impurities in some cases

Advantages of Tulsion® Specialty Resins

  • High process compatibility and proven performance
  • Operational ease in service and regeneration


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