Sorbitol Purification

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ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004


US, Europe, South East Asia and SAARC

Sorbitol is widely used in the pharma and cosmetic industry. It is a water-soluble polyhydric alcohol with a sweet taste and high stability, besides possessing properties of humectancy and plasticising.

Highly purified and specifically processed Tulsion® speciality ion exchange resins are extensively used in manufacturing of high quality sorbitol.

Tulsion® Ion Exchange Resins in Sorbitol Processing

Starch is subjected to acid or enzyme hydrolysis to obtain starch hydrolysate. This purified hydrolysate is then passed through a Demineralisation unit containing Tulsion® strong acid cation exchange resin, followed by a weak base anion exchange resin. The deionised liquid glucose syrup is further subjected to carbon treatment for polishing before sending it for Sorbitol manufacturing.

Advantages of Tulsion® Specialty Resins

  • Improves overall colour stability
  • Operational ease in service and regeneration
Thermax offers expert advice in selection of appropriate Tulsion® resins, their quantities and operational guidelines based on customer's end product quality requirements, process parameters and operating conditions.


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