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Tulsion® Specialty Ion Exchange Resins for Treatment of Metal Waste

Tulsion® ion exchange resins find application in treatment of metal wastes from PCB, plating and other industrial processes, where toxic metals are discharged. It is also used for recovering valuable metals from metal waste. In cases where concentration of metals is higher and conventional method is used, Tulsion® resins are deployed as polishers.

Tulsion® resins are easily regenerated using conventional regenerants and metal recovery from regenerants can be done using suitable process.

Each effluent stream under consideration might be unique in its composition of metals. Hence, it is important to evaluate it thoroughly to select the right ion exchange resin and to design a specific resin treatment scheme. For example, in the PCB manufacturing industry, Copper is a prime metal. Tulsion® ion exchange resin treatment is applied to remove Copper along with organics.

Selection of particular types of resins for treatment of metal waste depends upon the nature of the metal, its concentration, other components of the stream and process conditions.

Advantages of Tulsion® Speciality Resins for treatment of metal waste

  • Addresses treatment needs for a wide range of process effluents
  • High efficiency
  • Operational ease in service and regeneration
  • Proven performance


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