International Water Conference (IWC) at San Antonio 2014

Thermax Inc. attended the International Water Conference (IWC) at San Antonio, Texas in November 2014. The IWC is a strong education conference, founded to encourage commercial free discussion on technology. It presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in their field, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies and functional areas. IWC brings together end users, researchers, practicing engineers, managers, educators, suppliers and contractors.

It is dedicated to advance in new developments in the treatment, use and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes.

The technical sessions covered at this convention included:
  • Wastewater & Recycle
  • Produced Water
  • FRAC water treatment
  • Desalination Principles and Approaches
  • Mine Water Treatment
  • Process Water Preparation
  • Cooling and Process Water

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