Operations and Maintenance

TOESL undertakes a host of differentiating activities besides routine operation and maintenance. These activities include-

Fuel Management
  • Supplier management
  • Quality management
  • Captive briquetting/chipping plants
Residue Management
  • Complete responsibility for Ash handling and disposal
  • Emission management
Statutory Compliance
  • Complete responsibility of IBR compliance
  • Support PCB compliance
Guaranteed Uptime
  • Experienced & well Trained manpower
  • Leverage Best Available Technology
  • Spares & consumable management
  • In build redundancy to eliminate down time.
Remote Performance Monitoring
  • On-line data collection mechanisms.
  • Online & Manual recording of performance parameters.
  • Early Watch Alerts.
  • Fully automated & PLC based control systems
  • Automated fuel handing System
  • Automated bed ash handling System
  • Automated chemical dosing systems.