Value Proposition

TOESL rental offers many advantages to customers. Some of its value propositions include-

Low carbon foot print:
Utilities provided by Thermax leverage green fuels, waste heat, etc, thereby reducing carbon foot print.

Cost saving:
TOESL invests in high efficient technologies to effectively utilise green fuel and waste energy in the utility plant. This helps in saving energy costs when compared to the traditional usage of fossil fuel.

Biomass fuel management:
Biomass is a highly unorganised sector and is generally controlled by local fuel vendors. TOESL establishes long term contracts with farmers and vendors to ensure uninterrupted supply of biomass fuel to the plant - the right quality and quantity at the right price.

Ash/residue management:
TOESL disposes ash and residue as per local pollution control board norms through authorised agencies.

Maximum uptime:
The TOESL team operates and maintains the equipment as per standard engineering practices to reduce downtime due to any unplanned breakdowns. We are committed to deliver the pre agreed quantity and quality of end utility to the customer.

No capex:
The appropriate technology is selected by TOESL based on input from the site and quality of output required. After finalising technical parameters, the team invests in utility delivery equipment and allied accessories.