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Discovering New Formulae for Profitability

The chemical industry is today one of the fastest moving industries in the country.

The importance of power for these sectors can be gauged by the following examples:
  • In the Indian chlor-alkali market, which is driven by the demand for caustic soda, the cost of power single handedly accounts for almost 50-65% of the total cost of production.
  • In the soda ash industry, the cost of power is almost 30% of the total cost of inputs.
  • The petrochemical sector is in need of constant supply of power to keep their refineries functioning continuously.
  • It thus becomes beneficial to set up an in-house captive power under these circumstances.
The availability of one's own captive power obviously proves beneficial under these circumstances.

Thermax has already worked for reputed clients like ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals limited and National Mineral Development Corporation, Kanoria Chemical, DCW, Indian Rayon, among others to provide customized EPC offerings for their Cogeneration needs covering Power and steam requirements for entire process.

With most of the chemical sector companies planning for expansion, having their own captive power plant is a necessity.

Thermax, with its expertise in this sector is the most obvious choice.