Power Generation Brochure Power Generation Presentation

With the government laying down targets of sugar production and consumption, and regulating the licensing of installations, the sugar industry plays a vital role in the economic growth of India.

The process of sugar manufacture has ample scope for application of a co-generation plant. The bagasse that is available after crushing of sugarcane can be fired in our boilers, with or with out any supplementary firing for generation of steam. This steam can be fed to the turbines for generation of power and extractions taken from the turbine can be used for the various processes in sugar manufacturing, like sulphur melting, in the centrifugal, juice heating, or in the evaporating station.

Major Clients:


  • Jai Hind Sugar Pvt. LTD


  • Yemen Company for Sugar Refining
Any sugar manufacturing plant, which invests in these co-generation plants, will have the advantage of generating the power required for operating the plant during the peak season. In off-season, the power generated can be sold to the grid, through an appropriate PPA; which will act as a double benefit for that organisation.