Partnering Delhi Metro for water management

Along the 144 km stretch of the Delhi metro line, over 100 Thermax products and systems for water and sewage treatment service 33 stations. These include filters, softners and reverse osmosis (RO) plants for treating water, besides compact sewage treatment plants.

Water treated by the Thermax systems is used in the cooling towers for air conditioning (HVAC) and for drinking. It is also used for cleaning the bogies of the trains, which subsequently is treated by compact Ecocell sewage treatment plants and recycled for gardening. Further, space and power saving FAB systems installed at Delhi metro's IT office and staff quarters treat the sewage and recycle it, again for gardening.

The first Thermax product was supplied to Delhi Metro in 2003. Providing information and technical support at every stage of the metro's development, Thermax has emerged as its trusted partner.

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