Recycling water in steel plants

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Thermax is completing a water recycling plant for large steel unit coming up at Orissa. The project will treat its effluent of iron particles and oil, using specialised filters, and reuse the water in its operations.

Apart from being energy intensive, the steel sector is also a big water user. Benchmarked against global standards of 5-10 m3 of water for every ton of steel produced, the Indian steel sector uses as high as 10-80 m3. The client's plant had installed a Thermax clarifier and demineraliser plant as early as 1980.

Over the past 30 years, Thermax has been providing steel majors with sustainable solutions in total water management. Thermax has supplied integrated systems - from water treatment to effluent cleaning and recycling.

In 2006, Thermax completed a major upgrade for one of the country's largest steel units - from 30 to 45 million gallons per day.

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