Standard plants/Products

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Standard plants/Products
One of the main concerns of any growing city is the shortfall in supply of potable water to upcoming housing societies or commercial establishments. Often emerging housing or commercial establishments are forced to tap ground water for potable water supply. However, there are many problems associated with ground water like high levels of impurities, inconsistency in quality of water being lifted, etc. Thermax, backed by its sound knowledge of water chemistry, provide full proof solution for all kinds of raw water treatment, to convert it to potable water.

Another consequence of urbanisation is the inability of city's civic infrastructure to handle the sewage generated from these housing colonies and commercial establishments. Therefore, the civic administration makes it mandatory for these establishments to have their own sewage treatment facilities.

Thermax offers the construction industry the most sustainable and cost-effective system for sewage treatment. These systems not only meet all government discharge norms, but also recycle sewage for the purpose of gardening, toilet flushing, car washing, cooling tower make-up, etc., thereby drastically reducing dependency on fresh water.

Range of offerings for small/ medium industries and urbanization sector

More than 20000 installations of following products across the India and the globe
  • Softeners
  • Demineraliser
  • Filters
  • Ultrafiltration - Membrane based water treatment technology
  • Lo Flo RO/ SMART RO-Compact modular RO system
  • SIRO – Standard Industrial Reverse Osmosis
  • Biofilter Low Flow STP
  • Terminator - Cost effective Colour Removal system
  • Fluidised aerobic bio-reactor (FAB) for waste water treatment and recycling
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Incinerator - A complete solution for solid waste disposal
  • MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) based waste water Treatment Plants
  • SeqtreaT - Sequential Batch Reactor Technology for wastewater treatment
  • BioCask - Low height Waste Water Treatment
  • Containerized Plant

Systems and solutions