Industrial Sectors

Four Decades of



Installation worldwide

More than 100000 m3/hr of

Water treated

More than 50000 m3/hr of

Waste water/effluent recycled

On SKID Reverse Osmosis Plant for Process Application in a Food Processing industry
Water plays a very critical role in every industry as a utility or process input or for human consumption. Having served practically every type of industry over the last 30 years, Thermax has the expertise and strength required to design the right water and waste water treatment system for every industry, to ensure process and production consistency for the customer. Thermax provides total water management solutions to industries. These systems and solutions are available in both standard as well as custom built configurations.

Thermax is a pioneer in providing recycling and Zero liquid Discharge solutions, which help industries reduce their total water consumption and thereby, costs. These recycling solutions can be designed for reuse of water in process, utilities, irrigation, car wash, etc.


  • Above 400 installations across the industries
  • Strong team of people having expertise in the field of water/waste water treatment backed by vast experience
  • Experience in developing Recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge systems
  • Use of latest software's for design engineering
  • Capability to handle water treatment required in super critical power plants
  • Latest technology incorporating latest Control and Automation systems
  • Strong construction and execution capabilities
  • On-time delivery of projects

Water treatment solutions

  • Raw Water Pre-Treatment and Clarification
  • Water softening and filtration
  • Mill scale and filtration systems
  • Membrane separation systems
  • Demineralization plants
  • Low pressure and high pressure
  • Drinking Water treatment plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Remineralisation plants

Waste water/ Effluent treatment solutions

  • Industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial effluent recycle and
  • Sewage recycle plants
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants

Complete solutions for

  • High COD effluent and High TDS effluent
  • Difficult to degrade effluent
  • Coke oven effluent treatment
  • Colour removal from treated/partially treated effluent for recycle/disposal
  • Nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus) removal
  • Heavy metals, cyanide, fluoride removal
  • Tailor made industry specific solutions

Systems and solutions