Municipal Sector

Four Decades of



Installation worldwide

More than 100000 m3/hr of

Water treated

More than 50000 m3/hr of

Waste water/effluent recycled

Sewage Treatment Plant

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Sewage treatment and recycle / water treatment solutions to infrastructure, EPC companies and municipal corporations


  • MBBR and SBR TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER to Infrastructure companies, EPC companies and Municipal corporations
  • 50+ installations
  • In-house design, detail engineering, procurement, project management, construction and commissioning so as to have single window solution.
  • Design and engineering consultancy services for STP and WTP
  • Round the clock operation and maintenance ( O&M ) services
  • Strong team of people backed up with vast experience in the field of Sewage/water treatment
  • Strong construction and execution capabilities

Technology solutions

  • Fluidised Aerobic Bioreactor – MBBR (Pioneer in introducing FAB/ MBBR technology.
  • Thermax Advanced Sequential batch reactor (SBR) technology
  • Membrane Bio reactor (MBR) technology
  • Sewage recycle plant
  • Water purification/treatment plants
  • Power generation from Sewage
  • Sludge treatment
  • Packaged Sewage treatment plant
  • Septage treatment plant

Technology benefits

  • Odourless operation
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance requirements
  • Space saving technologies
  • N and P Removal
  • Reduced Power consumption
  • Non-clogging design, better oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Low sludge production
  • PLC based automatic operation
  • Flexibility to handle wide range of organic loads as well as changes in hydraulic loads
  • Life cycle cost reduction


We have the expertise in augmenting the capacities of existing water or sewage treatment plant in the same available space. In one of our installations in a Municipal Corporation, we doubled the capacity of the sewage treatment plant from 68 MLD to 136 MLD,occupying no extra space. Similarly in Water Treatment Plant Thermax has an exhaustive list of capacity augmentations. This technology, in today's world would be very useful to the end users, where land availability is a big problem

Systems and solutions