Sewage Treatment & Recycling

Four Decades of



Installation worldwide

More than 100000 m3/hr of

Water treated

More than 50000 m3/hr of

Waste water/effluent recycled

FAB Based STP at Pune Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Sewage is a resource that can be recycled for various uses like gardening, toilet flushing, car wash, cooling towers. Faced with the alarming fact that over 60% of the sewage generated in our country goes untreated, with its negative impact on human health, the government is focusing on waste management through centralised sewage treatment plants and by mandating large upcoming real estate projects to have their own treatment facility.

Thermax offers both customised and standardised sewage treatment plants for municipal corporations, housing societies, commercial complexes, SEZs, hotels and hospitals. These systems reduce lifetime costs and occupy 1/5th of the space of any conventional system. With options of installations in basements, on terraces, recycling, complete automation and connections to the municipal lines, Thermax systems are ideal and sustainable solutions for decentralised sewage treatment.

Thermax today has in its portfolio, a host of technologies to suite varied customer requirements. These include Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FAB) a proprietary technology from Thermax plus SBR, MBR.