Condensate polishing systems

More than 120 plants

installed worldwide


Ion exchange resins

Outlet Parameters:

Conductivity: < 0.1 µS/cm Silica: < 0.01 mg/l

Automatic regeneration

Thermax offers condensate polishing water treatment systems for power generation facilities with Graver Water Systems LLC, USA, a member of the Marmon Group and a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Through this partnership, Thermax will treat water required by mega thermal power plants, which are set to meet India's energy demands.

Condensate polishing is an important part of water treatment for power generation stations that reuse their boiler condensate.

Graver Water Systems, one of the world's leading water treatment companies offers an extensive range of equipment and control systems for utility, industrial, commercial and municipal applications.


  • Superior Suspended Solids Removal
  • High Flexibility With Process Variables
  • Capable of Higher Operating Temperatures
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