Thermax is a leader in delivering water treatment plants for the diverse needs of industries. With 50 years of experience in designing, building and managing the construction of water treatment projects, we create and implement tailored or standardised industrial water treatment solutions.

Thermax water treatment technologies have a proven track record in providing innovative and successfully installed water treatment plants for various industries.
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Raw Water Clarification & Pretreatment Plants

Thermax offers cost-effective raw water treatment solutions, for reduction of suspended solids in surface water. They have been developed after studying the settling and rise rates of suspended impurities under fluctuating conditions.

Raw water is first treated to remove the suspended colloidal matter. Small suspended particles in the raw water are coagulated by using poly-electrolyte and coagulant at higher pH. This is then passed through a tube settler where coagulated suspended matter settles down and clearer water flows up. Coagulated suspended matter is taken out from the hopper bottom of tube settler in the form of a thick sludge.

Types of Clarifiers supplied by Thermax are

  • Clariflocculators
  • Klarisettlers
  • Klaritube settler
  • High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier
  • Klariturbotube settler
  • Tube settler

Our Product Benefits

Our Technology
  • Requires less space
  • Low power requirement
  • Effective feature of sludge recirculation
  • Low capital investment
  • Standardized, hence quicker delivery
  • Nominal civil works (only foundation)
Conventional Technology
  • Needs more space
  • Higher power requirement
  • Ineffective at low turbidity levels
  • Higher capital investment
  • Not pre-engineered, hence longer delivery period
  • Major civil works

Design of

Zero Dead

PLC based

Automatic Regeneration

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