RLA is an inspection method/test employed for boilers & heaters, which are in operation for a prolonged period of time. RLA is a tool for preventive and predictive maintenance.

RLA of boiler pressure parts is under taken to verify their present condition and find out their remaining life as well as correlate with boiler operation for reliability and improvement purposes.
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In RLA multiple nondestructive and metallurgical tests are done for accurate measurement of thickness, dimensions and finding any anomalies which include erosion, corrosion, cracks, bulging etc. CA/RLA comprehensive assessment and implementation of its recommendations provide reliable and trouble-free operation and prevent forced outages.

Thermax has an experienced metallurgical team offering inspection and testing with modern tools, specialized NDT and inspection techniques

    • Remote field electromagnetic testing
    • Low frequency electromagnetic testing
    • Internal rotary inspection system
    • Super heater tubes internal oxide thickness measurement
    • Profile radiography
    • In situ metallography and remote visual inspection
    • In house tube destructive testing and failure investigation facility
    • Plant diagnostics
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