Battling the COVID-19 Crisis

Even as the outbreak of the virus fundamentally changed the way people live, work and socialise, Thermax combatted the crisis on all fronts with a caring, agile and resilient mindset. The company adapted to the new normal with a strong focus on employee health and safety, cash preservation, stakeholder engagement, and unfolded its digital potential to ensure business continuity. Despite the strict measures enforced by the government, and the safety precautions taken by the company, 1,567 Thermax employees, including contract labour, got infected (till May 2021), and 11 of them lost their lives, predominantly in the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus. Thermax’s heartfelt condolences to the families of the employees who passed away, and will always be grateful for their contribution to the organisation.

Social distancing norms followed at the company premises and transport to ensure safety against COVID

Glimpse from the first phase of the COVID vaccination drive


The pandemic sharpened the company’s focus on the overall well-being, health and safety of employees. All its manufacturing locations, offices and customer sites are operating with strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines prescribed by the government authorities, as also the company’s internal guidelines. As a crucial supply chain partner, Thermax remains fully committed to keep its production lines running, for providing uninterrupted supplies to the essential goods and services sectors.

All possible steps are being taken to ensure that employees and their loved ones are safe – at home and at work. The newly launched ‘ThermSafe’ app helps in tracking the health status of all employees in real time, enabling the management to take prompt decisions. The app recommends self-quarantine, facilitates users to check sanitisation status at the office premises, and also enables them to make suggestions. Thermax has also launched a dedicated phone line for employees for consultation with mental health doctors, to help them deal with psychological stress in these difficult times.

Despite being physically distanced, Thermax has been engaging with its employees proactively. It has taken various online initiatives, including Tea Talks, an in-house chat show and ‘Walk a Week’ fitness challenge. Through ThinkPink, Mental Health Day and International Yoga Day, employees are encouraged to stay healthy and fit.

Thermax observed World Health Day by undertaking a two-day vaccination drive to further secure its employees’ health and safety amid the pandemic. The first phase was conducted at the R.D. Aga Centre, Chinchwad, with support from local authorities. More than 600 Pune-based employees, their spouses and dependents over 45 years of age were vaccinated. As part of its sensitisation programme, the company has been urging all its employees to come forward and take the vaccine, with a strong message that “we all are safe only if each one of us is safe”. As a next step, Thermax has initiated a tie-up with hospitals across the country for the next round of vaccinations for 18+ year old employees and their families. Vaccination awareness programmes are also being strengthened.

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Thermax is reimagining customer experience, and advancing its capabilities to adapt to the fast changing external environment. The company remains connected with its customers remotely, with constant communication enabled through digital tools. Uninterrupted support is ensured to all customers, especially those engaged in the supply of essential goods and services. The company continues onsite support at several customer sites, ensuring that critical operations are not stalled. Through a digital-led experience, it is continually innovating its delivery model and leveraging digitalisation to make its processes more efficient, thus helping customers navigate the pandemic safely and effectively. Many projects, including large capacity boilers, have been commissioned remotely, with strict adherence to health and safety. These are elaborated on later in the report.

Channel and Vendor Partners

Thermax acknowledges the dedication of its channel and vendor partners, who have been working tirelessly during these challenging times to maintain their supply to the company’s manufacturing sites in India. Managers are in constant touch with channel and vendor partners to allay their fears about the pandemic. The Thermax Channel Associates and Thermax Channel Business Group have collaborated to ensure business continuity, address critical customer needs, and achieve business growth. The company proactively partners with its vendors to optimise costs and support them in navigating the tough times.

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In keeping with its long tradition of promoting the well-being of communities, Thermax has been adopting several key measures to battle the pandemic. Thermax Foundation is working closely with trusted NGOs to support the affected communities around the company’s manufacturing locations. It continues to provide them with daily provisions, masks, ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other essential items. It is also engaged in prevention, awareness and sanitisation campaigns, besides sensitising local communities about the COVID-19 virus as also vaccine hesitancy. The Foundation also continued its support towards education and skill building to restore jobs or enhance employability during the year.

Helping local community with essentials during COVID-19 crisis

Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen

Restoring the Equity of Migrant Labour

In partnership with NGO Dasra, Thermax joined hands with like-minded corporate to launch the ‘Social Compact’ (SoCo) initiative. It is aimed at contributing towards restoring the equity of migrant labour, to ensure fairness and dignity of humanity. The initiative assures certain standards for the workforce, including living wages for workers, safety at the workplace, health and social security cover, grievance redressal mechanism, among others.

Dasra mobilised the collaboration with other NGOs like Aajeevika Bureau, Jan Sahas and Centre for Social Justice, who have been providing services and support to migrant workers for several decades.

Thermax identified some of its manufacturing locations, sites and vendor partners for quick and immediate attention under the SoCo initiative. Along with the SoCo team, a guided self-assessment of practices was undertaken across customer sites in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gaps and opportunities were identified to improve labour practices at these sites.

Core tenets of SoCo

1 Million

Informal workforce that SoCo intends to cover in 150 companies


No. of companies connected across Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad in SoCo’s pilot phase

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