Towards a Zero-Carbon Future

With climate change mitigation becoming an imperative for the sustenance of our planet, nations and organisations are rapidly developing and executing decarbonisation plans. As this energy transformation is gaining momentum, new technologies are coming into play. The benefits of this change extend from helping grow renewable to developing new energy carriers, improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and transforming how the world uses energy.

As a frontrunner in providing sustainable energy and environment solutions, Thermax is committed to living up to its brand promise of ‘Conserving Resources and Preserving the Future’. It has initiated various actions on charting the decarbonisation path, with a clear roadmap for achieving 25% reduction by 2025. This is in line with the company’s commitment to supporting India in making the transition to a low carbon economy, by enhancing energy efficiency and adopting best practices on resource optimisation.

Decarbonisation Roadmap till 2025

25% Emission Reductions from 2019

Thermax remains focussed on continuously strengthening its green portfolio to become a notable technology player in the evolving sphere of energy transition. It has, over the years, developed significant expertise in the areas of waste heat recovery, waste to energy, green power and steam generation, air pollution abatement, process improvement chemicals, solar energy, water treatment and recycling. The company shall continue to deploy its strengths in these domains to build partnerships with customers, with the aim of boosting resource productivity and minimising the carbon footprint. It is also continually investing in Research and Development (R&D) to harness the new energy opportunities. The company believes this will facilitate its transition from a predominant capital goods player to a clean energy, clean air and clean water company.