With sustainable energy and environment solutions at our core, we strive to build a better tomorrow where clean air is the norm; where the world runs on clean energy; and where everyone has access to clean water. Our innovative offerings are enabling more and more industries and businesses to mitigate their environmental impact, build a greener world and shape a prosperous future.

While empowering others with our products and solutions, we also aim to reduce our own operational footprint. Since 2019, we have set a target of 25% absolute reduction in carbon emissions by 2025.

Actions for changes transformative changes have been initiated internally towards this end. Aligned with our corporate philosophy ‘Conserving Resources, Preserving the Future’, this commitment reaffirms our pledge to realise the future we envisage and work towards it every single day.

Our vision for a better tomorrow is further validated by the smart technologies we adopt. Driving greater transparency and continuous improvement in our operations, these technologies are good for our customers and for our world alike. Our consistent efforts towards creating waste to value, recycling water, minimising emissions, ensuring high plant reliability, optimising costs and delivering superior customer support are also helping us to use our resources more efficiently and intelligently, and embody a high-performance culture.

We, at Thermax, aim to be a partner to a world that is undergoing energy transition.

We are committed to doing what’s right and creating a better tomorrow.

Conserving Resources, Preserving the Future.