Our tech-enabled manufacturing assets contribute to our operational efficiency and continued growth. As a result, we are able to engineer high-value and sustainable solutions for our customers. To create long-term value for the stakeholders, we have optimised our facilities further and made our manufacturing even more sustainable and safer during the year. With our advanced facilities, we are today the leading provider of clean air, clean energy, and clean water solutions across industries

Key Highlights of FY 2021-22

26,022 MT

Total chemicals manufactured

1,15,771 NTR

Environment-friendly vapour absorption cooling

248.7 MLD

Water treated and recycled

4,058 GwH

Power generated through assets operated and maintained for customers

73.16 million m3/hour

Air treated through air pollution control system

4,061 MWth

Heating solutions - quantity of heating done

Interlinkage with Other Capitals

SDGs Impacted

Strategies Impacted




Our Manufactured Capital Encompasses

14 state-of-the-art facilities in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh in India; and in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Indonesia internationally

Our facilities comply with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 and are certified by agencies like Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, SGS and TUV

Regular audits and adherence to safety procedures keep our manufacturing facilities safe

We manufacture as per the international standards of ASME, BS, DIN, GOST, API, and CE, besides following the IBR Code in India

Making Manufacturing More Sustainable

We leverage our manufacturing capital to meet the growing expectations of our customers in quality, safety and delivery, and ensure operational excellence. Our manufacturing facilities offer solutions in energy, environment and chemicals segments and the products and services are tailored to the evolving needs and preferences of the customers. With our competency in manufacturing, we are able to address the growing markets in the East and West by offering the following solutions:

Upgrading existing capacities

Offering services based on industrial internet of things (IIoT)

Deploying advanced technologies, such as modularisation

Supporting customers with utility needs for greenfield facilities

Towards Process Optimisation

During the year, we leveraged automation and digital tools at some of our factories. With this, our aim is to capture relevant information for process optimisation and maintain quality consistency.

Operational Performance

Operationalised phase 2 of our chemical plant in Dahej, with capacity having been ramped up to 20,000 m3

Our chemical factory at Jhagadia achieved the highest production volume of 670 MT for construction chemicals and 1,145 MT for polypropylene glycol (PPG) during the months of September and December 2021, respectively

Capacity utilisation for the Heating business increased to 90% at our manufacturing unit

The Heating manufacturing unit at Savli in Gujarat generated 2 lakh man-hours in the fourth quarter of FY 2021-22

Case Study

TBWES Commissioned the First State-of-the-Art Triple Travelling Grate Boiler

Travelling grate technology is used for burning a variety of biomass and coal. TBWES, a leading provider of single and twin grate boilers of 15+ feet and 35+ feet respectively, up to capacities of 200 TPH, received an opportunity from a customer in Columbia to develop a single higher capacity multi-fuel fired triple travelling grate boiler. With vast experience in process engineering and design capabilities, Thermax could build a 250 TPH boiler as tall as 50+ feet in-house, with a focus on standardisation, interchangeability, sealing, cost competitiveness and simplicity without compromising on quality. Based on the customer’s requirement, the boiler has been designed to combust bagasse as well as coal. This newly developed boiler eliminates the need for multiple boilers of low capacity and can be extended to ‘quadruple grate’. In addition, it leads to lower capital, operating, and maintenance costs.

250 TPH boiler installed for a customer in Columbia