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100 – 1000 TR

Cooling capacity

5ºC to Delta T – 30ºC max

Chilled water temp.

10 – 25 bar.g

Steam pressure

Welcome to Thermax Dry Cooler, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, dry cooler to effectively cool process water, chemicals or any heat transfer fluid

Operation Principle

Dry coolers work on the principle of convection and conduction to dissipate heat from process fluid to the air stream created by the fans mounted on it. By suitably selecting the tube material, we can use a dry cooler to effectively cool process water, chemicals or any heat transfer fluid,even if it is corrosive or contaminated with particulates. Dry coolers are closed loop systems which eliminate any kind of water loss and thus eliminating the continuous requirement of make-up water. Being a closed loop circuit, the water treatment cost is also negligible as compared to conventional evaporative cooling towers.


Thermax offers two kinds of dry cooler- ‘V' type and ‘Horizontal' type based on the application or requirement. The fans can be mounted according to induced draft or forced draft type, depending on the application . The fans are of direct drive type, but options with gear box or belt drive are also available. The tubes which carry the process fluid are of copper or carbon steel with aluminum fins to maximize the heat transfer. The side panels areepoxy coated which makes it corrosion resistant and gives it an excellent appearance.

Product Range

  • Fluid Temperature:30°C to 240°Cwith an approach of 5°C above dry bulb temperature.
  • Cooling Capacity range:200 kW to 3000 kW.
  • Thermax can offer custom built dry coolers based on the application and nature of working fluids.

Advantages of Thermax Dry coolers

  • Zero water wastage: Due to closed loop operation and no evaporation
  • No water treatment plant:As it doesn't require continuous supply of makeup water
  • Negligible maintenance cost: As water treatment, makeup water and replacement of fills not required
  • No periodic cleaning requirement
  • Separates process side from any contamination due to closed loop system
  • Plenum made of Epoxy coated galvanized iron,enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Removable tube bundles
  • Applications in various Industries

    • Steel – Electrical Arc Furnace / Induction furnace cooling
    • Refinery& petrochemicals – Reactor column cooling
    • Rubber - Roller cooling
    • Independent Power stations – Cooling of engine jacket water, lube oil and inter-stage cooler
    • Plastics –Cooling of injection molding machine
    • Textiles – Condensation of process vapour
    • Refrigeration / Air conditioning – As condenser for air cooled chillers
    • Power industry- Turbine lube oil cooler/ turbine intercooler
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