Thermax is committed to ‘Conserving Resources and Preserving the Future’, two areas vital for the world. We support industry and business establishments to be energy efficient and environment-friendly.

The products and services we offer must be developed, sold and serviced through the eyes of the customer and measured by their voices. If we are obsessed with the quality of our products and services and our customer, growth and profit are bound to follow. We are convinced that all businesses need to focus on growth and profit else; they cannot exist. However, we also realise that if business is run solely on growth and profit, it will die, since there is no purpose for its existence.


Aeons ago, man discovered the might of fire and the power of steam, which produced mechanical movement and rewrote the history of human civilisation.

Thermax came into being by harnessing the power of steam, produced by boilers. Thus the business was born in 1966. It was also the year A. S. Bhathena collaborated with a Belgian company, Wanson, to commence business operation as Wanson India Ltd., manufacturing small boilers at a unit in Dadar, Mumbai. The company was renamed Thermax Limited in 1980.

Under the astute stewardship of our Late Chairman R. D. Aga, Thermax moved into a bigger orbit, leading to its present status. The journey from Vaporax and Thermopac – products from the early years, to the current stable of products; from bagging our first export order to establishing a presence in the overseas markets, has been an arduous one.

The cornerstones to building up the current-day organisation were a focus on quality, meeting demands of customers and adhering to internationally accepted standards.

Founding Family

A S Bhathena

Committed to the richness of diversity

Meher Pudumjee


Rohinton D Aga

Living a mission

Pheroz Pudumjee

Non-Executive Director

Anu Aga

Former Chairperson and Non-Executive Director


To be a globally respected high performance organisation offering sustainable solutions in energy and the environment

Our Mission

  • We aspire to become a leading technology company with a global outlook delivering world-class products and services to customers.
  • We exist to fulfil the needs of our customers – best understood through an enlightened partnership with him.
  • Our challenge is to continually expand and define new markets by expanding the frontiers of research and engineering and customer applications in our chosen field of business.
  • Our commitment is to create an organisation, which nurtures the talent and enterprise of our people, helping them to grow and find fulfilment, in an open culture.
  • We seek dependable partnership with our suppliers – to generate a strong mutual interest in each other’s welfare.
  • We live by a high value of integrity and excellence in management.
  • We strive to contribute substantially to the global priority areas of energy conservation, environment protection and enrichment of society.




  • Respect for human lives and human dignity
  • Respect for what is right, and not who is right
  • Respect for diversity – religion, caste, gender
  • Respect for systems and processes
  • Respect for performance, behaviour and discipline


  • Deliver what is promised to all our stakeholders
  • A commitment to excellence in all that we do

Honesty & Integrity

  • Being true to ourselves in our personal and professional dealings and doing what is right at all times
  • Nobody will exploit the company for personal gain or gratification

Concern for society & Environment

  • Encourage reuse, reduce and recycle, energy conservation
  • A strong sense of giving back to society
  • We must remember business cannot survive in a society that fails
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