Akanksha Alumni Project

Various awareness and personality development activities are undertaken under the Akanksha Alumni Project.

Academic Hubs
Academic and extra-curricular sessions are held for the alumni of the Akanksha schools through academic hubs. Excel training and mental health awareness sessions along with arts and commerce classes are periodically conducted.

Financial aid is extended to the deserving alumni from Akanksha schools in Mumbai and Pune. The alumni facing exceptionally challenging circumstances (as defined in policy) are provided with 100% financial aid.

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iTeach Alumni Support Wing (ASW) project

Thermax Foundation has been supporting the alumni from Teach for India through the iTeach student alumni wing programme.

Certified Peer Learning Programme (CPLP) sessions, monthly community circle meetings, and counselling for alumni under high risk are held. Students are also actively involved in life skills training and internships.

COVID relief work

Thermax Foundation reached out in support of the health crisis by providing need-based oxygen concentrators, ventilators, BiPAPs etc. based on requirements at municipal hospitals in Pune and COVID centres near factory locations.

Skill building training at Savli

Sports routine at K. C. Thackeray Vidya
Niketan English Medium School

Post-COVID learning at Akanksha schools

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