Thermax Cooling Solutions offers various wet and dry cooling solutions to remove heat from different process and manufacturing industries. The range of wet and dry cooling solutions uses air, water or a combination of both as medium of heat rejection. This keeps your process fluids at designed temperature to increase the efficiency of productions processes and operation of equipment.

With our strong presence in the domestic as well as global markets, we are there to support our customers at every step, right from design to installation and operation.
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We can help you design the optimum specification tailored for your industrial processes and provide a solution that’s not just environmentally friendly, but great for your business! You stand to gain a plethora of benefits including lower energy usage, lower water consumption, reduced carbon footprint, effortless maintenance and extended service life, resulting in lower operating costs.

These innovative heat rejection products have been accepted globally and their proven performance has made inroads across multiple industries spanning automobile, steel, dairy, cold storage, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and many more.

Process cooling solutions include:

Wet Cooling
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Closed loop cooling towers
  • Adiabatic coolers
Dry Cooling
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Dry coolers
  • Air cooled heat exchangers
  • Radiators / Fin fan coolers

Energy Efficient

Customised Solutions

Highly Reliable

Ease of Maintenance

  • Dyes & Moulding
  • Food Processing
  • Laminates
  • Meat Processing
  • Paint, Pigment & Inks
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