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Adiabatic Coolers

Thermax Adiabatic Coolers are engineered so as to reduce the inlet air temperature to the coil. This provides the customers with significant reductions in the capital cost of the cooler as well as reductions in the cost of power consumption.

An electronic temperature controller is used to control the fluid (process water) temperature within stringent tolerances. This temperature controller pulses the sprays of water onto the cooling pads to give only the minimum of adiabatic cooling of the inlet air required for any given load and ambient condition.All design features are in place to provide a long product life.
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Advantages of Thermax Adiabatic Coolers

  • Closed loop application eliminates the cost of fluid treatment usually associated with the use of cooling towers
  • Thermax Adiabatic Cooler offers less maintenance cost as less number of moving parts are involved
  • Heat transfer area is increased by the use of high finned tubes
  • Our Adiabatic Coolers are engineered using high quality adiabatic pads, proven design
  • No constraints on the placement of Thermax Adiabatic Cooler
  • They have no environmental impact
  • They offer up to 70 % water conservation as compared to the wet cooling tower