We offer a range of adiabatic coolers for heat rejection processes across industry applications. Our product ensures precise cooling for your critical process applications.

Thermax designed  adiabatic coolers ensure optimal usage of water and process fluid cooling for varied production loads throughout the year in different climatic conditions.
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Thermax adiabatic coolers are engineered so as to reduce the inlet air temperature to the coil. This provides customers with significant reduction in the capital cost of the cooler as well as power consumption. During cooler periods or at partial loads, the operation is entirely dry. Only when the desired outlet temperature cannot be reached by dry cooling alone, the adiabatic pads are wetted with water. As the pads are wetted, water evaporates when it comes in contact with air, this process cools the air. Now, the cooled air is blown over the coils and the desired outlet temperature of the circulated water is achieved.

Product Features
  • Offers less maintenance cost as less number of moving parts are involved
  • Lower energy consumption – free cooling possible
  • No environmental impact (no chemical dosing)
  • UV water sterilisation system ensures a legionella free water feed
  • Process fluid cooling with up to 80% reduced water consumption
  • Coil always operates dry so there is no concern about scaling, resulting in, effortless maintenance
  • Engineered using high quality adiabatic pads, proven design
  • Adiabatic cooling for critical and precise cooling
  • Heat transfer area is increased by the use of high finned tubes
Product Capacity:  100 kW onwards

Fluid outlet temperature with a minimum approach of 5°C above wet bulb temperature.

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