Diminishing water resources and increased water pollution concerns have led to the exponential growth of dry cooling solutions worldwide. We offer ACC for captive power and waste heat recovery plants for varied industries. Our offering ensures precise performance for power plants by maintaining required back pressure.

The modularised A‐Frame is the most commonly used design in power plants of all sizes.

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Basic Operation of ACC
  • ACC is a direct dry cooling system where the steam is condensed under vacuum inside air cooled finned tubes
  • The major components of ACC include ducting (for transport of steam), finned tube heat exchanger, axial fans, motors, gear boxes, piping and tanks (to collect the condensate)
  • The ambient air flows across finned tube heat exchanger using forced draft axial fan to condense the steam
  • Collected condensate is recycled to utilities

The finned tube heat exchanger is the core component of the ACC and is available in following types:

  • Single Row Condenser (SRC)
  • Multi Row Condenser (MRC): We offer extruded type and knurled type fins for multi row condenser design
Our Strengths and Capabilities
  • Effective project management for timely completion adhering to quality and safety standards
  • Turnkey solutions with supply, erection and commissioning
  • Registered with all EPC majors and engineering consultants
Product Capacity : 3 MW onwards
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