We offer range of closed loop cooling towers to suit your cooling requirements of various process fluids such as water, chemical etc. Our products can be operated for higher temperature difference (ΔT) to lower the process fluid temperatures in closed loop.

Our environment friendly products ensures zero contamination in process fluids and allow trouble free online maintenance for your uninterrupted plant operations.
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Most of the process industries use secondary circuit with heat exchanger, open cooling tower and secondary pump for heat rejection applications.

A closed loop cooling tower integrates the intermediate heat exchanger, secondary pump piping & cooling tower into a single unit.

  • For cooling of process water, glycol-water solution, oil, chemicals, pharmaceutical liquids, machine cooling acids and any other process fluids
  • Modular construction allows plug & play installation for new and replacement units
  • Saving in operational cost compared to conventional systems
  • Zero contamination avoids algae formation
  • Suitable for lower approach temperature and varied temperature difference
  • Offering field erected units and turn-key solutions with supply of balance of plants
Product Capacity: 10 CMH and above
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