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Welcome to Thermax Dry Cooler, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, dry cooler to effectively cool process water, chemicals or any heat transfer fluid

Operation Principle

  • Thermax Dry Coolers are also known as Radiators/Remote Radiators, Fin Fan Coolers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.
  • They work on the principle of convection and conduction to dissipate heat from process fluid to the air stream created by the fans mounted on it.
  • By suitably selecting the tube material, we can use a dry cooler to effectively cool or condense process water, chemicals or any heat transfer fluid, even if it is corrosive or contaminated with particulates.
  • Dry coolers are closed loop systems which eliminate any kind of water loss and thus eliminating the continuous requirement of make-up water.
  • Being a closed loop circuit, the water treatment cost is also negligible as compared to conventional evaporative cooling towers.


  • Thermax offers two types of Dry coolers - 'V' type and 'H' type based on the application or requirement.
  • The fans can be mounted according to induced draft or forced draft type, depending on the application.
  • The fans are of direct drive type, but options with gear box or belt drive are also available.
  • The tubes which carry the process fluid are of copper, carbon steel or stainless steel with aluminum fins to maximize the heat transfer.
  • We offer two variations in fin configuration based on the operating fluid temperature such as- Continuous fin and High Fin tube bundles to optimize selection.
  • The side panels are epoxy coated which makes it corrosion resistant and gives it an excellent appearance.

Product Range

  • Fluid Temperature: 30°C to 240°C with a minimum approach of 5°C above dry bulb temperature.
  • Cooling Capacity range: 200 kW onwards
  • Thermax can offer custom built dry coolers based on the application and nature of working fluids.

Advantages of Thermax Dry coolers

  • Modular designs of Thermax Dry Coolers helps in space optimization
  • Highly efficient fin to tube heat transfer
  • Zero usage of water which results in
    • Zero water wastage: Due to closed loop operation and no evaporation
    • No water treatment plant: As it doesn't require continuous supply of makeup water
    • Negligible maintenance cost: As water treatment, makeup water and replacement of fills not required
    • No periodic cleaning requirement
  • Separates process side from any contamination due to closed loop system
  • Plenum made of Epoxy coated galvanized iron, enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Applications across Industries

    • Steel – Electrical Arc Furnace / Induction furnace cooling
    • Refinery & petrochemicals – Reactor column cooling
    • Rubber - Roller cooling
    • Polyfilm – Chill Roll Cooling
    • Independent Power stations – Cooling of engine jacket water, lube oil and inter-stage cooler
    • Plastics –Cooling of injection molding machine
    • Textiles – Condensation of process vapour
    • Refrigeration / Air conditioning – As condenser for air cooled chillers
    • Power industry- Turbine lube oil cooler/ turbine intercooler