Why vapour absorption technology is the way forward?

In an era of heightened awareness of energy efficiency and the associated environmental impacts, many industries worldwide are exploring environment friendly technologies that provide equivalent or improved performance while reducing or eliminating harmful side-effects. The refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, due to its reliance on CFCs and HCFs, has invested in research in alternatives to the industry standard vapour compression machines.

One alternative technology with great promise is vapour absorption technology. Absorption chillers offer comparable refrigeration output with reduced SO2, CO2, and NOx emissions. Absorption chillers do not use CFCs or HCFCs, refrigerants that contribute to ozone depletion and global warming.

Additionally, gas-fired absorption chillers can save significant amounts in energy costs when used in combination with a vapor compression chiller in a hybrid system. The hybrid system can take advantage of the comparatively low price of natural gas (per unit ton) and rely on the high performance of vapor compression when electricity prices are lower.

Understanding Vapour Absorption Technology

One of the oldest methods to mechanically cool a space is with absorption technology. Vapour Absorption Technology is an alternative cooling technology that saves money and reduces the environmental impact of your cooling solution.

Unlike conventional electricity driven Compression machines, Vapour Absorption Machines (VAMs) are driven by waste heat sources like Steam, hot water, natural gas, fuel oils, Agro waste and other similar fuels.

Since heat is the source of energy, operating cost of VAMs is minimal making it more suitable for industrial usage.

Benefits of using Vapour Absorption Technology

The benefits of encouraging potential consumers to install absorption chillers for their chilled water and air conditioning requirements are two-fold.

Firstly, absorption systems use no CFCs or HFCs, so are environmentally friendly; secondly they have very few moving parts and are consequently relatively easy to maintain.

Thermax Profetherm promotes Vapour Absorption Machines as a cost effective and environment friendly alternative to electricity driven compression chillers.

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