Have you ever wondered where all the data in a company gets stored? All companies have Data Centres that back up and store all the data. In more technical terms, Data centres are physical or virtual infrastructure for housing computer, server and networking systems and components for a company’s IT needs.

The environment of a Data centre is controlled in terms of temperature and humidity, both to ensure the performance and operational integrity of the systems within. These facilities will generally include power supplies, backup power, chillers, cables, fire and water detection systems and security controls.

According to a report by Mckinsey, Data centres are responsible for over two per cent of global electricity consumption which is increasing year on year. By 2020, rising carbon emissions from data centres are predicted to exceed those of the airline industry. Hence, there is growing pressure on data centres to look for greener operating solutions.

To work effectively a data centre needs to have a cold aisle/hot aisle configuration with cooled air passing through the front of the enclosure and hot air being removed effectively at the back.

Thermax provides one of the most complete ranges of data centre cooling solutions that work smarter and are energy efficient. From the smallest server room to the largest data centre, we deliver the kind of tailored data centre cooling solutions you need with a service that is second to none.


That has never been a truer statement than today, when the world depends on the data flowing through our electronic lines of communication. But power comes at an increasingly high cost, both in dollars and environmental impact on our planet. That is why Syracuse University, IBM, and New York State joined together to create the Green Data Center. Through a combination of new innovations and smarter technologies, this partnership has created one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world.

As part of its “Smarter Planet” initiative, IBM has worked with SU to look beyond computer hardware and software to the actual infrastructure of the data center. The Green Data Center—with its own electrical Tri-Generation system and IBM’s latest computers and computer-cooling technology—is expected to use 50 percent less energy than a typical computer center, making it one of the “greenest” in operation today. The good news is that Thermax was a part of this green project.

Persuing the dream of having a green Data Centre-IBM and SU placed an order with Thermax for tri-generation systems wherein two exhaust fired absorption chillers of 180 TR would cater to their comfort cooling requirement utilizing exhaust gas from a 4.5 MW gas turbine installed at their premises.

Data center air-conditioning is a mission critical application as maintaining temperature in a data center is essential for proper functioning of the servers. In order to safeguard the data centre in the event of a component failure, micro-turbines were procured to take care of the backup in the event of a power failure. The 6,000-square-foot data centre at the educational institute features its own electrical tri-generation system and incorporates IBM’s latest energy-efficient computers and computer-cooling technology. Six micro-turbines of 65 kW capacity each are used for generating power at this data centre. The exhaust of these micro-turbines is used as an input to trigger Thermax’s exhaust driven absorption chillers. These absorption chillers provide chilled water at 14.4 °C during summers in order to maintain the ambient condition inside the data centre.

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