Chemicals and Fertilisers

Greening the chemicals and fertiliser industry

Thermax’s innovative processes help chemical manufacturers adhere to emission norms, reduce pollution and generate low-cost steam. The chillers are used to cool the compressor inlet air supplied to the gas turbines, increasing their efficiency and output. We also manufacture gas-cum-tail gas-fired combustors that create saturated steam by burning waste exhaust gas.

Sustainable solutions in Energy & Environment

Thermax is a utility partner to both industrial and commercial clients, helping them achieve better resource productivity and bottom lines while maintaining a better environment.

  • Boiler and Heater

    Boilers and Heaters

    Thermax offers large boilers and fired heaters for steam generation and solutions for process and power needs.

  • Process Heating

    Process Heating

    This business comprises packaged boilers, thermal oil heaters, heat recovery boilers and hot water generators.

  • Power EPC

    Power EPC

    The business offers captive power plants, cogeneration systems, waste heat recovery power plants and independent power plants in the utility space on an EPC basis.

  • Solar Power

    Power Solar

    Thermax is a one of the leading solar companies, specialised is setting up both rooftop and ground mounted solar photovoltaic installations.

  • Air Pollution Control

    Air Pollution Control

    We provide air pollution control systems for both particulate and gaseous emissions to a wide range of industries.

  • Water & Waste Solutions

    Water & Waste Solutions

    The Water and Waste Solutions support industrial and commercial establishments to treat water for their process requirements and clean sewage and effluent.

  • Chemicals


    Thermax’s Chemical business manufactures and markets ion exchange resins and a wide range of specialty chemicals to help improve processes and product performance for a spectrum of industries.



  • Process Cooling

    Thermax Cooling Solutions

    Recognising the rising demand for energy efficient and environment-friendly solutions, Thermax has entered the process cooling market with a host of offerings.

  • Absorption Cooling

    Absorption Cooling and Heating

    The Absorption Cooling and Heating business provides industrial as well as commercial cooling by making use of energy – efficient vapour absorption chillers.

  • setting


    Outsourced Utility Delivery Services

    Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Ltd. (TOESL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thermax limited offers sustainable solutions by supplying utilities through outsourcing route. Customers are relieved from the burden of owning and running the utilities thus enabling them to focus on their core manufacturing processes.

  • Steam Engineering

    Steam Engineering

    Complete range of advanced steam engineering solutions to manage energy and environmental challenges.

Case Studies

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Online commissioning of a boiler in Egypt

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us how to embrace technology and continuously find creative ways to maintain business continuity.  Digital [...]

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Thermax’s ROSS simplifies machine monitoring and corrective maintenance at Adam Afrique

Adam Afrique Adam Afrique is a well-known producer of soaps in the west African country, Ivory Coast. Situated in the [...]

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Articles View All

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First chiller from Sri City dispatched overseas

Thermax executed its first export consignment manufactured at the Absorption Cooling & Heating division’s new stateof-the-art facility in Sri City. [...]

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Chillers for fertiliser and chemical major

Thermax successfully installed and commissioned three steam-driven absorption chillers of 994 TR each and two hot water driven absorption chillers [...]

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Chillers at RCF and heavy water board 

Thermax successfully commissioned an 800 TR Triple Effect absorption chiller at Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers (RCF) in Thal, Maharashtra. It [...]

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